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The olive tree is a rich tree. It can be used in many ways : food, combustible for lighting, care for skin, treatment against colds, decoction for herbal teas efficient against hypertension. The olive oil was recommended to fight aches and prepared in decoction, the olive tree leaves were used to fight fever.

Beauty and Health...100% natural : from top to toe, olive oil brings its benefits !

Your skin is tired ? Apply a compress moistened with virgin olive oil for 15 minutes, then, rince with tepid water. Renew once a week.

Mask for greasy skin
Mix 50 grammes of cabbage with 2 spoons of virgin olive oil ; apply it on your face for 15 minutes then, rince with tepid water.

Tiredness often comes from your poor walking feet after a long day work. Think to them ! Preparation : Mix a good spoon of virgin olive oil with 5 to 6 drops of essential oil of lavender. Before going to bed, massage or have your fette massaged with this decoction.

Before a feast dinner, preparez your stomac with a spoon of olive oil. This will waterproof it and slow down the circulation of alcohol to your liver !

Cardiovascular Risks
The mediterranean food habits are based on the consumption of dry fruits , fresh abd dry vegetables in addition with condiments and plants, bread and cereals, daity products, olives and of course olive oil !
The secret of southern statistics for the prevention of cardiovascular risks is only due to a simple habit in this aera : the absorption every morning of a little teaspoonful of virgin olive oil that can be mixed with a lemon juice. Various studies showed the connection between these food habits and the low rate of death by cardiovascular diseases. In short, olive oil notably prevents from cardiovascular diseases.

Olive oil is rich in A, D and Kvitamines. The monoinsatured grease it contains helps reducing the rate of bad cholesterol (LDL).

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