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AOP "Vallée des Baux de Provence" Oil

The controlled label of origin "Vallée des Baux de Provence" came in 1997. It determines and ensures agricultural uses, a transformation process, a soil and precise kinds of olives. The AOC "Vallée des Baux" olive oil results from the blend of 5 varieties of olives : "Salonenque", "Béruguette", "Verdale", "Grossane" and "Picholine".

Black fruity ...

This olive oil is obtained from black olives which have been stored for a time before processing in order to develop a more mature taste. This oil has a fruity aroma combining the taste of ripe olives with a hint of mushroom, cocoa and undergrowth. It is ideal for use as a seasoning in cold starters or as a flavouring for grilled food. Use it with mushrooms, ratatouille, goat cheese, shellfishes, gizzards ans also with desserts !


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